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William Townsend’s Masters Series violins are based on a modified Stradivari / Guarneri del Gesu model that attempts to gain the benefits of each maker's thinking. They feature Mr. Townsend's signature reddish-brown varnish over a golden amber base. Click on a picture to view a larger image.


This lightly antiqued violin was made for the world-renowned concert violinist Anne Akiko Meyers. It features Bosnian maple cut in the year of her birth, an ebony button, visible alignment pins, and a specially designed shape based on Golden Ratio calculations.

Anne Akiko Meyers violin by William Townsend
Anne Akiko Meyers Townsend violin
Anne Akiko Meyers ' William Townsend Violin
Anne Akiko Meyers Townsend Violin


The violin shown immediately below was featured in the Smithsonian Institution's Hearts and Hands: Musical Instrument Makers in America exhibit. During opening celebrations it was performed on by Erik Hokkanen. It features a dark tone with a brilliantly clear E string. It now resides with it's new owner in California.


This fiddle was made for Martie Maguire of The Dixie Chicks and was designed with reverse plate tuning to create an instrument that would give the big hall sound via an amplified pickup system.


Few violin makers are addressing the needs of left handed players. The William Townsend Masters Series instruments in left handed version are exceptional playing violins. Each is carefully graduated in reverse pattern and properly set up for the left handed artist, including reverse ordering of pegs, bass bar, soundpost, and chin rest. Even the maker's label is on the reverse side of the instrument. This instrument was recently sold by Violins, etc. in Austin, Texas.

#453 Left handed violin
#453 Left handed violin back
#453 Detail of maple grain
#453 Click on this image
#453 Left handed front
#453 Full back view
#453 Side
#453 Scroll


This 16.25 inch viola features a warm, full tone. The top is Italian spruce and the back, ribs, and scroll are made of Bosnian maple.



Lightly "antiqued" vioilins, violas, and celli are available and are based on models by Antonio Stradivari, Joseph Guarneri del Gesu, or Nicolo Amati.

Personal Model, Available at
Personal Model
Guarneri LeDuc - Sold
Back of LeDuc - SOLD
#555 Amati - Available
#505 Guarneri - SOLD
Townsend violin stradivari
Stradivari Model Violin
Inlaid Stradivari
Inspired by Stradivari's inlaid cello.


Want to hear one of the hottest young fiddlers in America today? Turn up your speakers and listen to Brian Beken, formerly of the Sidehill Gougers, and his new band, The South Austin Jug Band, at their website. Check out Brian's William Townsend violin/fiddle below.

south austin jug band


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