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August/September 2003


Thank you for the excellent article “Step Up: Great Sound for Under $5,000” (April 2003). I had been seeking a new violin for almost 20 months and was planning to spend between $7,500 and $12,500 on an older Italian or French provenance instrument, but never really found an instrument I loved and that projected enough for my type of playing. Upon reading the article I decided to investigate what instruments were available for under $10,000 (I didn’t believe I’d find something under $5,000) that were made by contemporary makers. This led me to several music stores in Austin and Houston, Texas, and at two stores, Violins Etc. and Hill Country Guitars, I found violins that looked very appealing and sounded like 100-year-old classic. It turned out both were made by William Townsend, and to top it off, he was local to the Austin market. I contacted him and upon learning his instruments started at $3,800, made an appointment for that day to see what he had available.

I am now the proud owner of a violin that suits me perfectly. A beautiful instrument with wonderful tone, and it cost less than $5,000 – just as your article suggested. I owe a debt of gratitude to Strings for publishing a group of articles that made me think outside the “classic Italian” mold and opened my eyes to the wonderful instruments available from contemporary American makers.

        -- Sook Wan Ma,  Texas

           Owner of a Masters Series violin





"I have never been so happy playing Bach as on the Townsend LeDuc.  But it also responds wonderfully to the most raucous rock n' roll!  It is an instrument of remarkable clarity and deepness:  I expect great music from this instrument!"

-- Ed Caner

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"The Masters Series is outstanding. Right out of the case it sounded as good, if not better, than my Gustav Prager violin from the late 1800s. In the past few months of playing the instrument has really opened up and the tone has become warmer, more vibrant, and improves with each passing week. The neck is perfect and the finish is gorgeous. Thank you, again.”

-- Roger Newbarth, United Kingdom

Owner of a Masters Series violin





"The violin came on the 22nd.  That night when my daughter came home from her activities I told her that her violin had been delivered.  I had  tightened the strings and made sure that everything was O.K.  She ran into the bedroom and there was silence.  I waited and waited.  Then I asked her if she was going to play so she could hear what the violin was going to sound like.  She didn't respond.  I asked her what was wrong.  She said, "Daddy, the violin is cracked."  I laughed and told her that it was made to look like it was cracked (antiqued).  Last night when we were praying she said, "God, thank you for my new violin."
Thank you again for your help.  The violin is wonderful and more that we expected. 
      -- Mike Hermanson, South Dakota
         Owner of "antiqued"
         Stradivari copy



“I love my violin. “Blondie” is just beautiful and she sounds incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

-- Lauren Demer, Florida

Owner of a Strad-style blonde violin

Amati Foundation     Historical Collection


"I write to tell you about the violin you sent me. I have been playing in my quartet for four years and purchased this instrument primarily for outdoor performances as my 19th Century Italian violin is becoming too valuable for such exposure to the elements.

Following a June performance our cellist commented that my violin sounded particularly clear and more resonant than usual. I told him I was using my Townsend violin and his comment was, "well, keep using it."

Since then I have made your instrument my first choice for practice and performances. It continues to impress me by its fine tone and outstanding resonance."

-- Ed Bishop, Arizona

Owner of a Masters Series violin



"I have a new friend. She is a gorgeous Stradivari model cello made for me by Bill Townsend, my other new friend. My teacher was astounded by the cello and asked all about where she came from and who crafted her. She sounds beautiful when played. I can't thank you enough!"

     -- Gina Jones, Austin, Texas 

ClearHeart PhotoGia




"As a violinist, teacher and repair shop owner I am an admirer of your work.  Your latest productions are things of beauty and possess a quality of sound unusual for young instruments.   

Congratulations and keep up the good work."
        -- William N. Hilton, Proprietor
               Hilton Violin Repair and Instruction, West Palm Beach, Florida




"I purchased my violin via the photos you sent of three violins and descriptions of their sound.  This was my first major purchase over the Internet and you made it as painless as possible.

I am enjoying this violin more than any of the others I own and am particularly impressed with its ease of playing and good volume. It sounds like it is hundreds of years old, yet the varnish is so flawless and deep that it looks brand new. It really stands out in the orchestra, both tonally and visually. Bravo, Mr. Townsend, bravo!"

-- Janice Pennington, New Zealand

Owner of a Masters Series violin




"I have played an 1830 Georges Chanot for the past 22 years. In February (2003) I purchased a William Townsend Masters Series violin based on a Guarneri del Gesu pattern. It has become the first violin I reach for for practice and performance. My violin was $4,800 and it was money well spent. It is tonally grand, looks stunning, and has the cleanest sounding E string I've ever played. If you are a player looking for a high quality modern instrument that won't break the bank, I highly recommend you buy a violin made by William Townsend."

-- Hope Black, Houston, Texas

Owner of a Masters Series violin



"One word. Fantastic! I love this violin. It has opened up beautifully and gives me a grand concert sound. The price was great. The violin is beautiful. I'm no longer a satisfied customer, I'm a raving fan!"

  -- Stuart Fisher, California

     Owner of a Masters Series violin

"Mr. Townsend, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this astounding instrument. As you know, I spent 7 months seeking the right instrument before finding your name on Violinist.com. As a 36 year old "beginner", this violin lets me grow into it's ability. My instructor is impressed with the quality of this instrument and my husband says I sound good even when I'm not in tune."

-- Marguerite Sarrasin, Paris

Owner of an aniqued Amati style violin


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